Struttin' Wild: A Shot In The Dark

Brent Patterson hunts to fill a tag as the end of season nears in this Struttin' Wild episode. He was able to spot a bird the evening before and went in the next morning in hopes a tom was nearby. We had some non-stop gobbling action and were able to get a turkey down as well.  Check it out!

Flyaway Flop

In this Struttin' Wild episode Brent & Trevor Patterson hunt some pressured turkeys. After getting a pattern on the birds they make a move to try and take a turkey home, but it didn't quite go as planned! Definitely a crazy hunt you won't want to miss. Check it out!

Double Beard Down!

Today on Struttin' Wild Jimmy Williams hunts for his first turkey. We were able to roost some toms and get in close the next morning! Its not looking good when a coyote comes into the field but fortunately Jimmy was able to walk out with his first turkey over his shoulder. Check it out!

Mishaps & Misfires

Today on Struttin' Wild we have some more close encounters and some great action but things just don't seem to go like we want! Despite the struggles we were able to get a bird on the ground. Check it out!

Opening Weekend

In this episode of Struttin' Wild follow along as we chase some NC longbeards during the 2019 opening weekend! We have some close encounters and some great action. Check it out!